The Roadmap to High School & 
College Golf 
Do your children have a dream of playing high-performance golf in high school or college? Maybe you have great memories playing the game and want  your son or daughter to have the same experience. The truth is, golf has become an extremely competitive and intense sport for both the junior golfer and their families. And over time we all have been conditioned to have the following beliefs: 
  • Golf is a challenging sport and requires a "natural" ability and coordination to play.
  • ​Players have to be skillfully “ready” to play on the course.
  • ​Golf takes lots of time to train and play and requires lots of patience.
  • ​It’s an individual sport that requires a particular type of person who likes to be independent.
We are here to tell you that at any level of golf can be achieved and most of the general beliefs out there about golf are just not accurate. Like any other sport, players can reach incredibly high success and fulfillment at every level, and it can be done within the lifestyle you currently have. 

We have the answers you are looking for in our "3 Fundamental Principles for Success" in each aspect of our coaching but first, we would love to share our story with you.
Our Story on  High-Performance Golf
Both of us were introduced to golf at a very young age and started playing in golf tournaments before the age of 10. It was a demanding and competitive junior career that allowed us the opportunity to play Division I college golf at the University of Hawaii and the University of Southern California. 

The path we went through was the one you all know about, hours of training and tournaments every season and this singled us out to only play golf through our childhood years. 

 As we reflect back on our journey, we saw this was extremely stressful and demanding. Although we wouldn’t go back and change anything because our journey shaped us to who we are now, we now know there is a better and a more joyful experience to get even better results.

Our passion and love for the game is what keeps us intimately engaged in this game and not the intense training and tournaments we played. 

Looking back on the hundreds of players we played with that endured our same journey, there are only a few that continue to grow with the game. 

Through our experiences, we have embarked on this remarkable journey to coach junior golfers and families to become passionate golfers so they can decide the path they want take on in performance golf. 

Our drive and passion is to help kids and their families to develop a passion for the game and help shape their lives through the values learned from golf.  

A few of the commonalities that we have found that every high-performance golfer has gone through are:  
  • Playing on the course and learning how to score in the most encouraging environment to keep building momentum.
  • Have it be the standard to make birdies, pars, and bogies. Fit in those occasional eagles and albatrosses. 
  • Playing golf within their peer group.
  • Creating challenges and ways to measure progress daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
  • ​Practice, train, and play with like-minded and goal-driven friends.
As parents of a 2-year-old daughter, Charlotte, we are experiencing all the exciting adventures and events that are coming up in our lives. Our schedule has drastically changed to move towards what creates the greatest fulfillment and excitement in every aspect of our day-to-day activities.

We have signed Charlotte up for her first activity, Ballet. She has been in Ballet class for the past 5 months and have seen our need to want her to do it correctly shift as she gets taught the most fundamental things, such as following directions, sharing, and moving to the music. 

Our mindset is now allowing Charlotte to experience it all through her eyes and the results and outcomes have been remarkable for everyone. Although she only participates in about 75% of the class, we see the extraordinary time she has with her teacher, friends, and the music. She is now singing and dancing all the time at home to every sound of her toys and nursery rhymes. She has gained far more than just dancing, appreciation for music, and being excited all the time with sounds. Her singing has helped her to speak more words every day than we thought was possible. 

The Art and Strategy of High-Performance
The art and strategy behind the longevity of anything is having a clear outcome for everything.  As with Charlotte, our goal is for her love what she does, make friends and socialize, follow directions, be empathetic, respectful, and continue to make progress every day.  Each decision we make for her is based around those very specific principles. Monitoring her activity time is no different.  We never allow her to drive us to do what she wants for as long as she wants, but we do help navigate her to other interests so she doesn’t feel what she loves is being taken away. Achieving the highest level of golf follows the exact same process.  Creating passion, love, and excellence for something is not done by chance, it’s very deliberate and we have a very strategic roadmap for the outcome created.

With all of our combined experiences and continued development, we have discovered an accelerated path to achieving high-performance golf. We found 3-fundamental principles that we have applied in everything we do to accomplish all of our dreams for our students and families.

The 3 Fundamental Principles to Success
  • Join an on-going support community. Everything that we accomplish rarely happens on our own. All of the obstacles we encounter in our lives, there has always been someone else who has gone through it and found the way to break through. Being a part of like-minded families and people who supports each other tremendously accelerates the performance in all that we do. Golf has always been labeled as an individual sport, but at every high-performance level, there is a team and community built to support the needs of each of the players. Allow yourself to open up and find or create your own high-performance peer group to allow you to accelerate your way to your goals and dreams.  You will always need to be looking, searching, and growing so you are part of a community that you are able to mentor and train others to elevate your understanding of skills and development. You will also be mentored and trained by the more experienced, so you are stretched beyond your comfort and find the beauty and success on the other side of any fear!
  • ​​Have extreme clarity and be able to measure it. It's a phrase we all hear over and over again in our lives. But the question should be, who is actually applying this common sense and how are we doing it? Most of us have a dream, but do we know if we are getting any closer to it each day, week, month, or year? Most use time and if we play on the golf course, score is our primary metrics. We always ask, how long have you been playing? And what do you shoot? Both work great for checking how we are doing year to year, but doesn't provide anything for us when measuring progress for the day, week, or month.  Many of you will say, "Yes", but do you have a consistent metric system that you chart at the end of each practice session (daily) or are you tracking what you feel is what you need at that moment? Do you have another set of consistent metrics that you are reviewing at the end of each week or month and season or year?  Is it something that you are able to compare against each week after week, month after month, season after season? or does it frequently change and there is no measurement against your baseline? Your highest performers will always have the consistency of metrics to achieve the clarity they need to constantly grow and learn at each moment. 
  • ​Find a great coach or mentor who cares about you. A Coach, Mentor and Instructor have always been interchanged but to clearly identify what we are looking for, we need to be able define them.  
An Instructor is anyone who is able to educate a concept and theory so it can be understood by their students. Instructors are great to learn from but if  you have been playing golf (or any other sport) for a long time, many of our frustrating moments come because we DO understand but don't have the capability to apply the concepts. 

A Coach is someone who is able to fill in the gap from where you are today to where you eventually want to be. Coaches take you on a journey that has ups and downs and teaches you along the way, so you can overcome all challenges and obstacles as they come up in the long-term journey ahead of you. 

A Mentor is someone who has already achieved the success you are striving for either within themselves or with other students. Mentors give you the short-cuts on the common mistakes that will arise so you can avoid the common pitfalls and excel your speed to achieving your goal and dreams. Mentor's don't have to be world class performers, they just have to be 1 step ahead of the student and tremendous success can be found. We find many of the world's best coaches to also be great mentors but we also find some of the greatest mentors coming out of the peer groups that you design or join in your community.

When we observe many world-class coaches of PGA and LPGA Tour players, we notice that it's not their technical skill set, but it's their rare ability to care about the players so much that their relationship goes far beyond a golf instructor or coach. It's the constant communication between the player, coach/mentor, and team that allows the player to see what has been measured, so they continue on the path that has been designed for them to reach their outcomes.  Each of the world's best performers have also had instrumental peer mentors at each stage of their career, whether it's been as a junior golfer, college golfer, or on the professional tours. 

When we examine the best golfers, athletes, and people in the world, there is a minimal amount of individuals who have achieved their outcome by extreme success and fulfillment alone, it took them longer than the rest, and once they got there, they surrounded themselves with the 3-principles we mentioned. If we know what the end goal is, why not start here, speed up your process and enjoy every part of it from the beginning?

You have now learned 3 most important principles for creating your roadmap for success. We would love the opportunity to work with you and your child in our Winter-Spring Golf Season.  As you participate through our season, you and your child will create clear goals and know where they are each step of the way.  There is nothing better than having a clear picture of the road ahead.  This doesn't mean that it's clear and easy sailing from here on out, obstacles will come up but we'll provide all the tools and strategies to overcome all the obstacles that come out to continue this beautiful and joyful journey in junior golf.  Space is extremely limited in our seasons.  
Click the link below to view our entire schedule and join us for the 2020 Winter-Spring Golf Season. 
Class space is limited so act now!
Winter-Spring Season 
Starts January 6
Ages 7-10
**Each Day is a 16-Week Class**
  • Wednesday's @ 4-5 pm
  • Saturday's @10-11 am
  • Sunday's @8-9 am
Ages 11-13
**Each Day is a 16-Week Class**
  • Thursday's @ 4-5 pm
  • Friday's @4-5 pm
  • Sunday's @10-11 am

Looking for Maximum Results to Push You Beyond Your Limits? 

Being part of a exclusive peer group of like-minded and driven juniors is the most effective way of accelerating your performance and taking your golf game to the highest level.  By now we all understand the power of team and community, so if you are looking for a elite group of individuals to practice and train with on an continuous basis we have built and designed this team specifically for those juniors who are willing to put in the work, apply specific disciplines in your life to change your golf game forever. 

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